Wednesday, September 15, 2004

yesterday 17\9\2004 in mosul . I was playing football with my friends near my house . after we started the game we hear some bombs and we saw the fire . Then we saw three cars and there drivers was driving so fast they went to the hospital . we saw a dead men after they gone we all couldn't countinued the game and we standing with out talking for moment thinking about this bad five minites . then we all go home . in the night on the tv in news they saide : it was u.s.army folt they shoot thoise peaple becaus they thought one of them was having a gun . I really couldn't sleep that night and i was remeber those dead men and the blood on there bodys . It was so bad Posted by Hello

bad day in baghdad : yester day 15 \ 9 \ 2004 was a really bad day in baghdad and that is because some peaple shoot u.s.army in hayfa street and u.s.army shoot every man , woman , old man and child they saw him in the street and more than 60 from iraqi peaple killed in that atack . It was really bad moment to the iraqi peaple in baghdad and other towns
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Sunday, September 12, 2004

visit new nice iraqi blog it is www.thoma4ever88.blogspot.com Posted by Hello